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                    Meeting Point                      

This is an organisation for Senior members of Drumachose & Derramore Churches.

Meetings take place twice monthly from September until Easter each Wednesday at 1pm.

Lunch is served followed by a short programme of talks, crafts, quizzes, games, gentle exercises or outings to interesting places. At Christmas & Easter the programme takes the form of an Epilogue.

A roster of willing helpers and givers has enabled Meeting Point to operate continuously since 1993.

Organisers :

Valerie Gillanders
Pearl Blair
Margaret Irwin

~ ~ ~

                    Bowling Club                   

The Bowling Club of our congregation has a current membership of approximately 36 and meets in the Church Hall two nights per week.

Tuesday nights are mostly used for home league matches, however, Thursday nights are practice nights when anyone is very welcome to come along for a game.

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